Four hotels.
One homeland. The Mediterranean-Alpine Merano & Environs

Merano and Environs is an extra special corner of the earth. A place where seeming opposites blend seamlessly with one another, where supposed contrasts turn out to be the best of friends. Here, Mediterranean lightness and Alpine down-to-earthness walk hand in hand through orchards, vineyard terraces and palm oases. And above it all, snow-covered mountain summits as far as the eye can see. Glaciers. Where hot meets cold. Southern temperament with the quiet level-headedness of mountain folk. A contradiction that, however, is the very source of precisely this unique attitude to life, this special landscape, that is so typical for the region. Mild climate, rugged crags. Tyrolean agriculture, Italian dolce vita. Apricot dumplings and caponata. Ancient tradition and sophisticated zeitgeist. Outdoor adventures and deep relaxation. You can already tell that the essence of Merano and Environs cannot be pinned down or captured. It is based on its many contradictions. From being neither one thing nor the other. A very warm welcome to this fabulous world of opposites!